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jane ahern.

“I’m a white sneakers kind of girl. Nothing too fancy or pretentious just a down to earth, level headed approach to life with some creative know-how and street smarts to boot. As a kid I always knew I would love a career in design.
I was really good at title pages and hardly ever coloured outside the lines, it must have all stemmed from there.”

Creative Director

Jane is the lord of all creation at MO and has extensive industry experience.

After learning her trade at various well known design and advertising agencies in NZ and later in the UK, Jane returned home and founded MO Design Co in 2004.

Since then Jane has enjoyed considerable success working for a great base of loyal clients on a wide range of diverse and interesting projects.

Key Areas of Expertise

Branding and identity systems
Crafting of unique packaging
Web interface design
Art direction

+64 21 402 655


jamie barr.

“ Design for business is a really important concept. You can have the most intricate design in the world but if it’s not delivering the right commercial result then what’s the point. I came on board at MO with a view to delivering focussed design solutions that bridge this gap and so far I think we’ve got the mix pretty well right.”


Jamie is the self-professed brains of the operation but we all know that’s not really true.

As an experienced corporate lawyer he has spent the better part of the last decade helping a large number of local and overseas companies navigate their way through the pitfalls of business while maintaining a heavy involvement in the strategic direction and development of MO Design Co.

Qualified in business management with majors in both marketing and economics Jamie understands core business principles and can add real value to your creative strategy and direction.

Key Areas of Expertise

Business development
Design strategy
Client management
Intellectual property protection

+64 21 990 974